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Here at Gold Pan Dan's we strive to keep a large inventory of firearms in stock and readily available. Come see are spectacular walls of long guns and many showcases of handguns. With over 300 to choose from at all times you will never be disappointed, and if we don't have it we can always order it for you.



When your out in the sun and you've run out of fun because there is no more rounds to shoot, Just come on in and see Gold Pan Dan and I'm sure you will have a hoot! There is loads of ammo from the rarest ones to the common, just come on down and our friendly staff will make sure you don't get the wrong one. 



Come on in and see our newest addition to the gun store. We have expanded shop and now have two stores in one for your pleasure. Come see our full line of collectibles and awe inspiring sports memorabilia. Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Sports Cards and Jerseys. Many authentic autographs on cards balls bats you name it. We also have Celebrities! It doesn't stop there, we do old games and lunch boxes, political items, die cast and models as well as old toys. Radio control items now in stock and growing. COME SEE THE COLLECTORS MINE YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.

About our products

Variety Variety Variety

Whatever type of shooter you are, here at GPD's we have a firearm to fit your needs and style. Cowboy action shooters we have plenty of revolvers and lever actions. From pocket pistols to 500 smith hand cannons we cover the gap. 17hmr to 50cal long guns. We carry hard to find assault style rifles as well. Ak's Ar's ps90 scars vectors m249 tommy barrett scorpions etc....

Gold Silver coins & currency

Full line of coins and currency. Hard to find dates and high grades. Bullion and art bars and rounds. We also carry numismatic materials such as coin and currency holders and top-loaders note books etc.

Authentic Autographs

If your a sports fan then you will enjoy our large inventory of Autographs. Almost all autos are verified and come with a cert from major authenticators. We have all major sports including hockey and some college. Also unique items like autograph balls bats tennis golf boxing title belts bags gloves etc. even some books as well as celebrity checks and odd signed items.

Extensive Card Collection

We have many types of Cards. Although our specialty is old baseball cards we still have many newer cards. we deal mostly in rookies and autos as well as memorabilia cards eg. pieces of a game worn jersey bat ball glove etc. You will not see commons here unless you ask. Many other cards: Football basketball hockey golf nascar etc. unique non sports cards such as superman star trek garbage pail kids etc. Game cards such as pokemon magic yugioh etc.

Collectibles of all kind

You will always find something that interests you in our collectors mine. We do old lunch boxes and toys. We do old tobacco tins as well as political items and election propaganda. We have many old time board games and hard to find items. Autographed music albums. Postcards and Halloween/holiday collectibles. To much to list, We even have a piece of Abraham Lincoln's house. You just have to come see for yourself.

Radio Control Hobbies

We carry a wide variety of Redcat racing. We have on street and offroad cars trucks and buggies. 2 and 4 wheel drive nitro or electric. We are also expanding into drones as well as some entry level airplanes and boats so give us a call or swing in a check out what we have periodically.

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Come see Bill (wild bill Makarov), aka Sluggo, aka Slick Willy, aka Sweet William. Bill is slow to anger and well, lets face it just a little slow, but a great guy and will bend over backwards to help you. Love you Bill.


"The Big Boss" and the Real Gold Pan Dan. I will let you decide whos who.


Thinks she is "The Big Boss"

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